International Day of Awesomeness – March 10, 2011

This ‘day’ hasn’t been long-standing so far. I think it only started in 2008. And I really don’t care about its pedigree. When I first heard it earlier this year, the name of the day captured my imagination and tickled my funny-bone. I think lots of people are awesome, even when they don’t think so themselves. Hell, I’m awesome – on occasion. I just like days that are designed to elicit some positive celebration, as an antidote to all the negative information with which we are bombarded on a daily basis. As a point of interest, the word had its origin in the late 16th century and meant ‘filled with awe’.

I’m not going to give you the definitive list of who is awesome in the world. Good Lord, we would be here forever! And isn’t it interesting that there is that much awesomeness in the world. I just thought I would touch on a few awesome aspects of some of the people I know.

I have a particular admiration for people who think in unusual ways. As a consequence, I have quite a few friends whom I consider to be awesome thinkers. They say things, and make observations, or suggest things, that make me laugh out loud, not because they’re funny but because their originality surprises and delights me.

Similarly, I like it when people do anything that is outside the box of conventional thinking. Eventually, some of these ideas become commonplace but originally they were original, if you get my drift. I remember laughing with delight the first time I saw a lap-top and an iPhone. I think the Internet is an awesome invention. Satellites weren’t a bad idea and the telephone was brilliant.

Some people’s sense of humour is awesome. At least I think it is. I know that we each have our favourites but a few comedians seem to be funny to a lot of people. The fact that humans laugh at all is a pretty awesome trait and gives us such pleasure and relief from pain, boredom and stress. Who gets credit for laughter?

Anyone with great talent is awesome to me, even if they use it in a corner and no one knows about them. I am in awe when I sit and watch them, or listen to them – most expressly when they are doing something for which I don’t have a talent. It might be the gift of oratory, or writing, or gardening. There is no shortage of talent in the world! The funny thing about talent is that we often don’t pay much attention to our own. That is just such a shame! I like to point out what I admire about the people I know, as much as I can. I’m not worried about them getting big-headed; I’m worried that they won’t cherish it and build on it.

Hopefully, I have given you a little prod to honour awesomeness wherever you come across it tomorrow. I know I will be.

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