What it is …

Channeling is the process of opening myself to receive from information through a sort of telegraph line. I hear/receive information that comes from outside of myself. I do this by setting my intent. By that I mean that I state my willingness to be a messenger, transmitting information from one entity or group, not embodied, to another individual or group who is/are embodied. I have to move my ego and mind-chatter to one side and clear the road for the message to come through.

Where the information comes from …

The information I channel comes from a group of entities. More than 20 years ago, I asked them who ‘they’ were. They explained that they speak in one voice; this being the ‘I’, or ‘we’ that they use in their messages. They refer to themselves as entities whose collective intention is to help me, and us, with our spiritual development along the paths we have chosen as individual souls and as a human collective on earth. Depending on the subject matter and the intended audience, the individual entities who comprise the group will change – as will the number of entities.

Maintaining the integrity of the message …

Before I begin to channel, I ask that I only receive information that is in my best interests, and the best interest of the people to whom I give the information. This is another aspect of setting my intention.

I also tell anyone who reads or receives my channeled messages that they are the best judge of whether any of this information is of use to them.

Nothing I say is ever more important that what an individual feels is right or wrong for them. Use your own judgement and you can’t go far wrong.

NB: Channeled messages on my main page are marked as such in order to distinguish them from my ordinary blogs.


2 Responses to Channeling

  1. Interesting and useful information seems to be coming through to us at this time from a lot of non-physical sources!

  2. saronguardian says:

    I am a trance channel for a Seraphim Angel by the name of Saron.
    I channel in public weekly in my hometown of Las Vegas, NV.
    You can view my blog at:

    I love your blog!
    Hope you get a chance to look at mine sometime!

    Peace to your Pathway,

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