we are one another’s greatest gifts

Can you imagine being anyone’s greatest gift? How audacious! Gifts and gifting have been on my mind this month and are sitting with me today as I write this. Last December, I was gifted the wonderful opportunity to participate in a three-day workshop run by the Demers Group in Vancouver. We used the three days to discover and explore our personal power essence.

Discovering our essence involves: 1) remembering who we are; 2) discovering what we love and; 3) being true to ourselves. If we can ‘just’ do that, it will mean that we will be able to be more present, more committed, more effective and more alive.

My essence turned out to be KNOWING. It reminds me of how many times in my life I have said, “I just know it in my bones!” Knowing isn’t about intellect or even theoretical learning. It goes beyond that into the realm of ‘knowing’ what matters to people and how much potential they bring into their lives by being who they are. Interestingly, now that I’m sure that’s what it is for me, I can’t say that I’m surprised. Nor is anyone who knows me – sorry about the pun!

Ever since early December, I have been living my life with a more conscious awareness of what my essence means to me and what it might mean for me to invite it more to the forefront of my life. In fact, I have invited it to take center stage! This shift in focus has allowed me to BE a gift to other people with whom I come into contact. I am doing this by being more authentically ‘me’ and I’m sure that this will continue to unfold as I explore more and more ways in which I can be mindful of just what I bring to this little blue planet, that involves using my talent and makes my heart sing.

This month, I ‘sang’ myself right into a Coaching Certificate program run by the same organization. Yes, I have been coaching for a long while but I decided that it would serve me well to upgrade my skills and knowledge, create a bigger network and receive some very powerful mentoring. I have just completed the first week of on-site training here in Vancouver and I can feel the power of those foundational pieces and the work that we did together.

But that’s not all. My heart has ‘sung’ some wonderful connections into my life. The group with whom I will complete this program is a powerhouse of talent and dedication with similar values to mine. I am delighted to have met and got to know them. But here’s the additional gift: an old friend and colleague is also enrolled in the program. We have not seen one another since we worked together in Toronto 21+ years ago. Neither of us knew that the other would be in the course and we are delighted to be working together again. What are the chances of that?

And wait, I’m not finished yet! I also reconnected with someone else whom I had met a few years ago at a dinner party at a friend’s house. Accident? I don’t think so! I have said for a long time that there is no such thing as coincidence and I see these as the wonderful events that we attract when we are being our authentic selves and gifting that to the world. Thank God we are not cookie-cutter images of the same essence. I delight in the fact that we are so unique and I encourage us all to express that essence by gifting it to one another in whatever ways feel good and right.

You are a unique, shiny gift to the Universe and I see you. Do you see this too?

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2 Responses to we are one another’s greatest gifts

  1. souldipper says:

    What a boost, Lucca. What you are creating really brings joy to me as a reader. Thank you and I will be delighted to learn of your future endeavours. Congrats.

  2. Lucca says:

    Thank you Amy.

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