Pushing gently

Life is like a game that I used to play with a young friend of mine. You stack all these wooden rods in a tower – three laid horizontally, parallel to one another, and touching, and then three crossing the first three, and then over and over until it creates a tower about a foot high. Now the object of the game is to pull out one of the rods and place it carefully on the top without the stack falling over. You lose if it falls over as a result of what you move.

My technique for playing this game is to very gently nudge the rods, from the end, one at a time, until I find one that gives, that moves, just a little. That tells me that it’s loose enough to be removed without making the whole stack fall over.

My theory is that the same tactic can be applied to life’s choices. I don’t throw myself at things. I gently nudge them to see if they move. Deciding which ones to nudge is a matter of intuition more than anything else. I could go at it one at a time from the bottom up but that doesn’t really appeal to me. Having tested by nudging, I then apply more pressure to the ones that give a little. I go through that door and move another of life’s pieces.

What I’m trying to figure out right now is what to do when none of the things I nudge in life are giving – at all. Then what?

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4 Responses to Pushing gently

  1. Wonderful analogy, Lucca. Very wise, indeed.

  2. Lucca says:

    I had another thought this morning about what to do if nothing seems to be giving… maybe I’m not meant to be moving anything! It might be a game of observation or of right timing. Hm.

  3. souldipper says:

    Your approach is the one that choose. When nothing seems movable, I sense it is time for me to be still and listen. When it is time, I’ll see a rod (opportunity) I consistently overlooked before.

    I like the lay-out of your post, Lucca. And we share an appreciation for Avaaz.

  4. Lucca says:

    And sometimes… it’s time to be patient. That’s what it was for me this time. The Universe’s schedule is sometimes a little more involved than mine and there are either other people who need to be ready or other doors that need time to open. As you remarked, Amy, sometimes that still place of listening tells us this. And sometimes it is about something overlooked. I’m learning so much lately about how to navigate using my ‘inner’ tools in more ways than I have in the past.

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