Channeled message no. 11: Upping the vibration for the coming decade

Hello Everyone,

I am delighted that I have another channeled message to start the new year, and indeed the new decade. I always learn as much as all of my readers and this one is no exception. Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your comments. Happy New Year to you all.


* * *

Dear Ones,

It is now time to make an opening in the clouds that have stood between you and the future that you have hoped and dreamed about. It takes courage to stand before friends and family and say that you are going to change the way you live your life. It is a scary step to take when you don’t have a guarantee that there is success ahead of you. This is why there are those of you who have gone ahead of the others. While you may not have had wild success, you are still here! As more people join you, although they are not going to do exactly the same things as you, they will swell the ranks and make you feel less alone and more like a community.

It is right and just that some of you lead, although you may not feel you have a right to. In Lucca’s case, she stepped onto this path in a big way in May of 1990 when she left her 9-5 job. She trusted what her intuition was telling her and she has been following it ever since. It has been challenging at times and there have been only a handful of people who understood what she was doing, but there was enough support to keep going.

She has been doing this for twenty years now. What started as a single step has now become a way of life. She has been making choices according to her values. She has been listening to and obeying her inner calling. For all of you who have been doing the same, or even contemplating it, that has felt risky. It is life without a conventional map or conventional safety net. Some would call this irresponsible. Some would say that it is impractical. Many would say that you will reap what you have sown. And so you will. You are reaping exactly what you have sown.

Let us point out what many of you have been learning about as you live your life in this less than mainstream way:

How to hear your inner voice

When your higher self speaks, it is a voice you increasingly recognize. You hear and respond. Have many of you occasionally misinterpreted? Yes. And then you revisit the message. This is trial and error.

Managing energy

Your energy field (and each of you ARE your energy field) is vibrating about 500 times higher than it was 20 years ago. This makes some of you in the order of 20,000 times more sensitive. You don’t notice that it is that much because the whole planet is doing the same – but some of you are more sensitive than the average person. You have been learning how to manage such levels of sensitivity. You sense this physically, telepathically, on the dream level, and in terms of general response times to everything around you. In short, you have had to adapt.

Universal truths about energy

You have been learning about Universal Truths. We use this term loosely because if we use the term ‘Universal Laws it creates some confusion. Society has legal connotations for the word ‘laws’. You have been learning about ‘cause and effect’ and how it goes beyond the merely physical and into the realm of energy. You have been learning about how energy behaves in the living world.

On the most fundamental level, an atom is an atom. An atom’s behaviour is determined by its environment. The environment is molded by vibration. That is what makes the Earth so unique. Sentient beings have distinct thoughts and needs that manifest in vibration. That is because you live in a three-dimensional world. You have collectively created an experience of being ‘separate’, as opposed to being ‘unified’. Separation, or differentiation, or duality, is not good or bad; it is just an experience. What you refer to as your ego, keeps you separate. Otherwise, you would know that you are all the same thing; energy. That would not be useful when you want to experience duality.

Life on Earth is vibrating higher and higher. If your world were to choose to continue on a path of separation, it would eventually eliminate the experience of duality altogether. Everything would become so separate that it would all be the same again. Break anything down far enough and it is all the same.

The dance

Before everything goes back to being ‘unified’, life on Earth has the opportunity to stay a little longer in the dance of the ebb and flow of separation. Your reality as you know it has reached the limits of the containment of lower vibrations, before it would have to begin the return to the ‘everything-is-separate-state’. You have been sitting at a tipping point for a while (several thousands of years in the grand scheme of things) and the reason you have not moved lower still is because of the higher-level intentions of more than half of the Earth’s energy field.

No value judgements

Understand here that we are not talking about high=good and low=bad. There are no value judgments on the state of the planet. There are just the intentions of the majority of the beings on the planet, including plants, animals and insects. It is a measure of the degree of your energy separation that allows humans to believe that they are the only sentient beings on Earth. As you vibrate at higher levels, this illusion will dissolve.


Every living creature has the power to stay enlivened, and therefore self-sustaining, when it is vibrating at the highest levels before becoming unified once more. Followed to it’s logical conclusion, the planet would vibrate at such a high level that everyone and every thing would be one again, just as it does at the other end of the continuum.

Those of you reading this want to experience more of the dance of enlivenment; it is why you find yourselves reading this. You are hoping to be on Earth to experience heightened levels of vibration so that you can experience the creative possibilities of living in joy. It is a choice. When you make your choices about what you say and do and think, according to this intention, and stay out of fear as much as you are consciously able to, and you will vibrate higher and create more of this sort of environment. Like energy attracts like energy. Your choices will govern the outcomes you experience in your daily life. Choose to stay in fear and you will choose to live in the lower vibrations. You already have a taste of this.

Free will

Some of you have already chosen to vibrate at a higher level. You are still choosing it. Those who choose the lower vibrations will sustain a world that is as you already know it in its lower-vibrational aspects, and it will continue to become more so. You make this choice using your free will and all choice is viable. Choice is part of the experience of duality. When there is no separation, there is nothing to choose.

Building momentum that shifts the energy balance

Thus we come to the beginning of 2011. Earth’s balance is shifting from a lower vibration to a higher one. Collectively you will have to find a way to negotiate this path. At first it will be somewhat inconsistent, with some ups and downs, as the majority of you are still learning to manage your own energy vibration and therefore, collectively, that of the planet. Overall, the momentum is moving higher.

Continuing to raise the vibration will mean that the historical instruments which have been used to induce individual and mass fear will have to be dismantled and replaced. Societal systems (social, ecological, monetary, spiritual, etc.) will be redesigned but first you will have to envision another way of being – initially, individually, and then as you gather momentum, collectively. If you can imagine it, you can design it and manifest it.

You will use ‘vibrational comparison and matching’ in order to determine whom to support. You will ask yourself whether the dreams/designs/proposals presented to you match the energy that makes you feel alive and well. Sometimes you will support an initiative that turns out to lead to a place that feels lousy, in which case you might have to choose anew. Allow yourself to rechoose because it is how you will learn. You will share your experiences and encourage one another as you build a world that better meets your higher-vibrational needs.

In this coming decade you have the opportunity to manifest what you imagine. When there are enough of you, you will move into a certain amount of chaos but beneath the confusion will be the underpinnings of another system. This system will be more flexible and more responsive to shifts in consciousness because higher vibrations are like a car moving at higher speeds; more sensitive and therefore quicker to respond to corrections. You will be busy learning, healing, creating and teaching. Each of you will take a role according to your passion and talent, creating joyful collaborations, which will result in lifting the vibrations even higher.

It’s your choice! We are delighted that you are experimenting.


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2 Responses to Channeled message no. 11: Upping the vibration for the coming decade

  1. souldipper says:

    Your message aligns with so many that being received these days from different sources. What a blessing. Thank you for sharing it.

    Certainly, we are being nudged to have courage and stand at the helm when called upon. It’s no surprise that we will be using our gifts to hold the light as required.

    Still hope we will be able to have a tea one of these days, Lucca.

  2. Lucca says:

    I hope we can have tea and a chat sooner rather than later. Time seems to go by so quickly!

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