Money and Movement

One of the challenges of working for oneself, sole-proprietorship as I call it, is that I find myself constantly having to think about the next project or the next client. When there are spells without one, it is easy to add interpretations to this and get panicky. When I checked my Twitter account today, I found this inspiring blog post from a fellow woman blogger whose blog is called

She talks about advice she was recently given about trying to find a way to have money flow through her and into the world. A light has gone on for me. I had not thought of money like that before.

Of course money should move! I’ve always thought of money as energy and, at the moment at least, it is stagnating in my life. It’s not a good state of affairs and I am changing it – NOW. I think it will help to think of it as a flow, like a mighty river (I have just resisted the temptation to call it a ‘stream’!) that runs through the land and out to the sea, where it can evaporate and continue the cycle. Don’t we all just borrow energy as it passes through?

In fact, I would love to be a person who helps to top it up – generating a little extra energy/money, although that probably says something profound about me as well. When I have my ‘meta’ moments and can see from a more ‘able’ perspective, I imagine that what I am learning here, I can pass on to others. I am convinced that money is not what it appears to be. It isn’t really in short supply as we are told, or as we imagine. That is an illusion of giant proportions and leads to fear and limitation.

Ick! Get me out of that paragraph and into a new one! Just as I want to move into a new frame of thought and therefore of action, expectation and experience. Here I go!

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3 Responses to Money and Movement

  1. souldipper says:

    I’ve noticed, of late, that instead of feeling concern over spending money, I think of how whatever I am spending will give value to another person’s life. Then, I’m grateful for the endless supply of all I need.

    Feels good. Feels very, very good.

  2. Lucca says:

    I like your idea too. I will adopt it and use it with the flow! Thanks

  3. Lucca says:

    A quick update on the theme of money flowing through me. today, one friend gave me some money to donate to another person’s cause. Now THAT’S immediate!

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