My Question In Need of an Honest Answer

suitcases (version 2)

If I were guaranteed an honest response, I would ask what is in my blind spot. First I'd have to figure out whom to ask. My higher self? My guides? God? (whoever that is!) Why do we have a 'blind' spot anyway? Maybe it's a kind of holding tank for the things that we want to work with in this lifetime.

A good metaphor for this might be that of a suitcase when you're traveling. I can't wear all the clothes I've pack, all at once. I have to wear different things depending on my mood, the occasion, the weather, what's still clean and unwrinkled, and … what fits.

Maybe the time between lives is like taking all the clothes to the laundromat after you've run out of things to wear. In the meantime, I work my way through what I put in the suitcase before I was born. These would be the things that I anticipated that I might want to wear, or work with.

So, life could be a gradual and interesting process of working through the things in my blind spot. The question is: could I handle seeing everything at the time of my question with the guaranteed honest response? Hmm.

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2 Responses to My Question In Need of an Honest Answer

  1. Amy MacLeod says:

    Hey, Lucca, this is a question I’ve asked myself and my mentors for years! They don’t dole out the answer… My mentors and my Guides point in directions and leave the discovery up to me. I suspect, in their compassion, they feel that I will see “it” when I am capable of seeing it.

    So using your analogy, hopefully I, too, will be able to handle seeing the whole array. I’ve been told this is my last life so I really do want to pack my bags like I’m packing a parachute!

    I am going to look into your invitation to vlog. – Amy

  2. Lucca says:

    I look forward to it! The vlogging I mean. Yes, this may be the last lifetime in the third dimension for many of us. Can’t say what will happen after that as the Earth may be a different place to be. The point though is presaged on the principle that time is linear, which I suspect it is not. Now isn’t that a mind-bender!

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