The time is now

On my last blog, I wondered if I might not be alone in my frustration with my professional life at the moment. Over the past week I have had interesting feedback that this is truly the case. I am NOT ALONE. In fact, there are many more of us than any one of us realizes as we wait for some sort of signal from the world around us that we are of value and that the worrying state of our world can and will change.

Doubt: Don’t go there!

I reiterate that I am basically an optimist. So are the people with whom I have been speaking of late but we are all getting tired to the bone, worried, frustrated and finally, many of us are beginning to doubt ourselves. As my guides said last week, that is not where the Universe needs us to go. Instead, we need to trust and believe in ourselves more than ever before!

Finding community of like mind

I found myself saying to a client today that she is not crazy to hold on to her belief that she is in the right profession, that it is her talent and her gift. What she does need to do is find a community of like-minded individuals; people who see the world as she does and who are willing to give and accept support.

Denial and the tipping point

I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, if only so that I can hear it again myself. Globally, we are beyond having a social, financial, environmental, or spiritual malaise. Our world has the equivalent of a full-blown, life-threatening disease and the disease is a systemic one. I believe that we can save ourselves and the plants and animals with whom we share the planet, but it requires us to come out of our collective denial. More of the same way of operating is not going to cut it.

I believe that we have hit a global tipping point (thankfully!) and that our juggernaut of a planet is VERY slowly fighting over whether we should put the brakes on the way we are doing things. Some of us have been looking down the arc of our planetary trajectory and have been screaming about the potential calamity ahead. At worst, our admonitions are dismissed and we lose credibility. At best, we are acknowledged but told either that we’re ‘working on it’ and it takes time, or that there’s a limit to what can be done because there is no viable alternative so far. That’s still a level of denial, in my opinion, but phrased differently.

Knowing in our gut

I know in my gut that this is not the world I want to live in. I know it can be better. I don’t think we are doomed but I do believe that we should get off our bottoms NOW. I believe that our human family is resourceful, creative, and intelligent beyond anything we have seen so far. Every one of us knows someone who is inspiring, smart, and who won’t give up. Are you one such person? What is your unique contribution?

We’re all one… really

It is so sad to me that we are under the illusion that we are separate, when really we’re not. If I’m right, we’re about to take a giant planetary leap in consciousness in terms of understanding the experiential value of duality. We have been experimenting with it and duality has allowed us to experience balance/imbalance, diversity, partnership and collaboration, conflict, good and evil, masculine and feminine, and many more opposites, including the creative tensions between them. Now it’s time for us to take what we have learned and integrate the parts back into the whole; the whole that has always been there, because separation from source is an illusion.

We’ve ‘done’ war and conflict on this planet, literally to death. I for one am ready to move on. I value the right to be an individual but not at the expense of vast segments of the world’s population who are denied the same rights and privileges that I wish for myself. It’s a recipe for disaster and in our hearts we know it. How many revolutions does it take?

Visions and illusion

So… those of us who see where we can go next – and someone has to see first – are charged with holding the vision. I saw the 81-year-old American cartoonist, Jules Feiffer, being interviewed today. He said that when things are bleakest and it looks like there is no longer any hope, ironically, he feels the need to hang on to his illusions. (I’m paraphrasing) We need the illusions so that we can feel that, that of which we dream, is still possible. In his opinion, that’s what Obama has provided for the US and, I would argue, for the world; that we can and should still hold out for our dreams of a better way of life. Dreams are oftentimes bigger than life and therefore can seem impossible to attain. Lofty ideals often are. But they are what motivate us so that we don’t give up.

Band together

Leaders lead. They inspire and hold up the vision of where we can climb to. It’s up to us to know what we’re about as individual team members, and not give up, even when we meet adversity. (yes, this is a sort of pep-talk) If we’ve done our inner work, and we know who we are and what we’re on this planet for, then we have to find a way to hold on. I believe we have to band together and support one another so that we can all keep the faith , so-to-speak. Maybe we should start a society!

The time for change is now. Those of us with a vision of a brighter future must not doubt ourselves. We must not give up. Rather, we must look about and find others who are doing what we know is valuable and lend them our support. And take their support when it is offered. I offer thanks daily for the people who offer me support and encouragement. My unique contribution makes sense in light of the whole. What is yours?

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3 Responses to The time is now

  1. Lucca says:

    Here’s a nice link that I found in my inbox today. It’s entitled ‘We Can All Make a Difference’ and is from Dorothy McLean, one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation, an intentional spiritual community in the Highlands of Scotland. It seems pertinent to my blog entry above.

  2. souldipper says:

    Hello, sister soul! It feels as though you have been peeking into my being! Love transformations, but I wish the stuff involved in the build-up could be optional. It will be great to watch you unfold with your renewed determination.

    We are neighbours and I like knowing there are kindred spirits close by and maybe even available for tea! 🙂 – Amy

  3. Lucca says:

    Such a pleasure to have your visit and hear your input. I’ve just checked out your blog and it is so supportive and positive, which I believe is what helps us all. We will build the world as we wish it to be by imagining it that way and reinforcing the steps in that direction. And you are certainly doing that. I raise my teacup to you! May we do it in person.

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