Channeled Message No. 10

A personal note:

I have had a heavy heart lately. I have been feeling frustrated around my professional practice and direction. I thought I was/am on the right track but with limited response from my community regarding my services, I have begun to wonder if I might have missed a signpost. I have been feeling in need of perspective – ironically, the very thing I provide for others! M’thinks we are living in strange times and, since we have no idea how long it will last, I must avoid falling into common societal measurements of personal worth –  never a good idea for me!

When I find myself in this frame of mind, I go to my out-of-body sources for perspective. Here is what I got from them this week. A dear friend suggested I share this as I may not be in this boat alone!

Dear One,

We can help you, as always, to get your life events into a better perspective. You need to let go of constantly wondering if you are doing things right, and if you are aware enough, trying hard enough, etc. We are your witness to tell you that you are always enough and that you try so very hard. These times require that you have certain experiences and that you have them as a human. That doesn’t mean that you should forget where you really come from or what you are doing on the planet.

We can encourage you to write, but if you do not, it will not make that much difference in the grand scheme of things. You would get pleasure and satisfaction from it but it is not germane to what you are doing on the planet. The things that are critical, you could not miss. We have an agreement with you that we will not let you miss them. You would not ever miss them deliberately because you are not in resistance about them. If we give you opportunities, you take them. This has been the pattern. Please take some pride in the fact that you are sensitive and a wonderful team member.

Remember how you were on a volunteer board a few years ago; you tried so hard to do what was in their best interests and they would not follow you. They would not take advantage of what you offered them. It was not wrong to offer. It was just painful to have your services turned down. That group did not have leadership. It did not have a purpose. The purpose needed to have come from the organization you were supporting and it did not. If they did not know why they needed you, then there was no purpose. A group without a purpose cannot go anywhere. You were trying to help them discover their purpose, to no avail.

The same is happening in your life just now. You see what is needed ahead of most people around you. You offer what is gold to them but they may be too afraid to take what you hold out. That is where they are just now. It is not wrong for you to offer. It is not wrong for them to turn it down. It just is. You would not be who you are if you didn’t offer. You share what you have. You like it when people learn. You delight in advances. You are in alignment with your highest purpose and the highest good of your community. Don’t damage that by eroding your self worth. We need you to have that. Your human community needs you to have that.

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