Spring, light abandon and the Olympics

a Camellia outside my door

Spring is in the air where I live and it always inspires me to be more positive. No matter how stuck things seem, once Mother Nature starts to show her work, I start to feel that anything is possible. Thank God everything is a cycle and we don’t stay in any state forever!

What a rich metaphor for all the things that have been quietly biding their time, just out of sight, waiting to pop their buds at the right time.

waiting to pop

Just before the pink haze

Here they come! In a few weeks, the street above will be a haze of pink, like a little girls party dress. It takes me back to the days when I skipped through blossom on the street with light abandon. I could do with a little more light abandon in my life round about now.

The winter Olympics start with the opening ceremony on Friday and I will be interested to see how it unfolds. So far, Mother Nature is playing with us. An early spring means not much snow at the lower elevations that are needed for some of the events. The comedians have been having a heyday with it!

I wasn’t in favour of bringing the Olympics here for a multitude of reasons but I find that I don’t want to be inhospitable to the guests in our city now that they are coming. I liken it to having invited a houseful of guests when you can’t really afford to have them come and stay. Now that they’re coming, we want them to have a good time and go away with a good impression of us. We also want them to spend lots of money or we will be in dire straits. After all, we remodeled the house so that they could come! Lots of sacrifices are being made to lay on a big spread and we hope it will be worth it because, well, we’re committed now!

That isn’t to say that we aren’t looking forward to meeting all sorts of visitors from all over the world and that we don’t need a party ourselves, because visitors can be a welcome change and they always bring something interesting.

Like spring, there are many things just about to bloom in our fair city. I wonder what next week will bring!

In the same spirit of inspiration, check out what I’m reading at the moment (use the tab at the top of this page): David Rocco’s newest cookbook, La Dolce Vita. Simple food with the right attitude toward life!

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