Editing our selves

A friend of mine has embarked on a journey into YouTube and is learning how to broadcast herself using a ‘vlog’. I absolutely love it when I can learn from my friends and this time is no exception. For example, I am blogging here because another friend ventured into blogging and said, ‘look what you can do’. So I looked and then I followed suit.

Friends can challenge us to think

I’m doing the same thing with vlogging, with a little help from my friend. It’s time I posted again and I’m having trouble deciding exactly what I want to say. It’s different from writing, where I can take as long as I like to write my piece and you can’t hear my ‘ums’. Which brings me to editing and the topic of Julie’s last vlog. I thought it was brilliant. Have a look – it’s short!

Editing criterion

I love metaphors and Julie is using editing as a metaphor. Although she doesn’t talk for long, it made me think about what I edit about myself and why. I like to edit out the things that don’t show me in a good light; that’s a given. What’s more interesting though is what I consider as a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ light. It’s probably not what you would see as good or bad about me. I’ve sometimes had feedback to that effect.

Trusting what the reader will decide

For many years, I edited out that I was psychic/intuitive. In the 80s, it didn’t seem to go down well in my workplace and I didn’t want to lose credibility. When I left the corporate jobs I’d had in the 80s, I swore that I was not going to split off that part of myself again and, for the most part, I haven’t.

Developing a reputation

In the intervening years, I have put a lot of time and energy into developing my talent as well as honing my accuracy and discernment to go with it. I’ve also done a lot of work on my ability to work on myself because I have to be able to use myself as the instrument of my craft. I see it as an integral part of my ability to work with my clients, in whatever setting. You could call it my ‘professional development’.

Recently, I have been looking for contract work in the world of organizations, rather than only working one-on-one with coaching and counseling clients as I have been for the last decade. So here comes the question again: do I include this unique skill, one that I have honed over the past 20 years, and present it along with all the other skills and experience that I have? So far, I notice that I have edited this part out.

Unique twist

Given what Julie has invited me to think about in her recent vlog, I might want to reconsider this choice. Instead of just not mentioning it, maybe I ought to present my intuitive ability as my unique twist. I actually have an extra tool and I’ve used it long enough to be good at it. It’s always there, running in the background, and I consider the information I get that way along with the information I get through all the traditional channels.

Any feedback for me?

For those of you who have worked with me in the past, and who have experienced how I use my intuition in the work I’ve done with you, what was it like for you? Was it useful in the work? Did you have confidence in me as a professional, given that I was using a tool that you rarely encounter in the work-a-day world? Did that impression change over the time that we worked together? I’d love to hear abut your experience. If you haven’t worked with me, do you have an opinion that you’d like to share? Please feel free to weigh in on the subject.

New hybrids

I think that we need every single tool available to us, in order to find solutions to the issues of our time. The old strategies don’t seem to be getting us far enough. I believe that ‘hybrid’ techniques like mine, and new tools such as social networking on the internet, are part of our new business and personal growth frontiers. We used to keep things compartmentalized – business and personal life, science and the arts, spirituality and reason. I’m noticing more cross-pollination lately, and I like it. Maybe we should try opening up to some riskier strategies – with discretion, of course!

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