Book Review: Richard Bach’s Hypnotizing Maria

What a powerful little book! It’s another one of those books that ‘fell off the shelf’ at the library and I just had to take it home. I’ve been reading Richard Bach since I read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the hot new book that was being passed around my grade nine class. He captured my imagination by writing about esoteric subjects in fiction, with enough metaphor to allow the richness that I love in a book that is about to expand my consciousness. Richard comes back over and over to the ways in which we create our own reality. I never seem to tire of it!

Richard was friends with the infamous Jane Roberts and Robert Butts of ‘Seth’ fame. I didn’t know that until long after Jane was dead but it figures. The concepts in his books are not all that different from what I was reading in the ‘Seth’ books. Not that I’m accusing Richard of stealing ideas; I think that great ideas makes sense and can be written about by many people and enjoyed and explored by still many more.

This latest book looks at the idea of how we could be creating our own reality and how we might be able to change how we do it. It was a timely book for me to pick up because my most recent blog was about the changes that I expect to see in the near future. This new decade feels important to me because of the huge potential and imperative we have to make changes that can make our lives more peaceful, bountiful, loving and creative. I don’t really want to live in a world that isn’t like that so I have been giving thought to how I can live my life as close to fulfilling what I see as my life purpose as I possibly can.

I see my purpose as helping individuals and groups to find their own unique power so that they can find expression for their talents and share them in their communities. Hopefully, if as many of us as possible can do that, we will be able to build a bridge to the kind of society that I imagine is possible.

Since I regard my life as a petri dish for my ideas, I am constantly looking for ways in which I can become more self-aware and integrate my philosophies into my life. In the weeks since the new year, I have been reading two books. Hypnotizing Maria is one and Sitting in the Fire by Arnold Mindell is the other. Whenever I read books at the same time, I look for how they might be related and I am incubating some theories about these two.

I invite you to watch my latest vlog to see my review of Hypnotizing Maria and what it brings to mind for me. I explain what he means by hypnotizing. Due to the time constraints on YouTube and the space constraints on my web site, as well as here on WordPress, I will let you go to YouTube to watch it.

Right here, in writing, I can expand and say that I think that I have hypnotized myself around two main areas: 1) how acceptable it is for me to say what I really think about the kind of society we have the potential to create and 2) that I am working hard at redefining what the concept of money means to me, relative to what it means in our global economy. Talk about a big challenge for myself in the coming year!

I’ll have to come back on this topic next time. I hope I have inspired you to make the time to read the book and I look forward to your feedback. Happy reading!

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