Lucca’s Greeting to the Year 2010

This week the holiday season is providing me with a break from my normal routine and I find myself wondering about what the new year will bring. What do I want it to bring? Although the start of a new year is somewhat arbitrary, what we generally believe about the new year gives us the opportunity to assess the year just gone and set new intentions for the one about to come.

Hold on to your hat!

For my part, I feel huge change in the wind. There is a quickening in my heart and a little frisson of anticipation. Personally, I feel ready for change. At the beginning of last year, there were great expectations for what would happen once President Obama came to office. Inevitably, this start has been somewhat slower than the hype would have had it be. I knew that nothing could move as quickly as we all hoped but I think the US is off to a pretty good start and that the effects will percolate through all of the countries who interact with the US in any way – perhaps faster than we expect.


Many of you are used to me saying, ‘the truth will out’. As I contemplate the beginning of this, the second decade of the new millennium, I still believe that we will see more secrets exposed around the world. One secret, or lie, exposed will inevitably uncover many more, like a house of cards or a line of dominoes. Once a lie is told, another lie is required in order to cover it up. When the time comes to unravel the web of lies, I believe we will see a snowball effect.

For some years now, some of us, but not all of us, have been suspicious about what we have been hearing in the world at large; what has been commonly accepted without question by most of humanity. Others have been reluctant to believe that we could be suffering under the number of delusions that I have suggested are out there. I understand this completely. I don’t want to be suspicious of everyone and every thing, mostly because it’s not the sort of world I want to live in, nor the way I want to live my life.

Looking Forward

Broadly, I would say that in the coming year I’m looking for revelations in the realms of the application of science – to medicine, to engineering and to the understanding of energy and how it affects every aspect of our lives and our very being. I think we will find out where the real power resides, in finance and economics, as well as in insurance and politics. Of course, this covers a lot of territory!


On the positive side of things, I think we’re going to find out many more details about a number of things such as:

  • forms of energy that are new to us,
  • more about our DNA and genetics,
  • and more about vibrational energy and how it affects healing and health


On the negative side of things, I think we will find out that generally trusted individuals and organizations whose job it has been to oversee, or advise us about, our financial well-being, have betrayed us. This may include the government, the World Bank, IMF and other such organizations. The up-side is that once we know about these betrayals, we will be able to get on with doing something to redress them, including setting up a new system of currency.

Freeing Up Energy

I would like to see humanity behaving with more compassion and generosity. As long as we feel we have to compete for what seems to be limited resources, protect ourselves against crime and terrorism, and as long as we believe that we aren’t worthy of loving relationships and communities, we will continue to hoard resources and treat one another with suspicion.

Once the lies are exposed for what they are, I am optimistic that we will feel safe enough to spend our energy on creatively improving our communities for everyone, utilizing our unique, individual talents and interests.

Mark My Words!

I suppose that you could say that I’m writing about this as a way of registering a prediction and setting my part of our global intention. I predict that we will see developments in all of these areas in 2010, and that they will continue into the years to follow. Overall, this will be good for life on our planet, all over the planet. We’ll have to see if I’m correct.

I am excited and optimistic. Welcome, 2010!

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