Channeled Message No.9 – Discover people ahead of their time & encourage them

Dear Ones:

Today there are movements afoot throughout your known world to make long overdue changes come about. Do not be frightened by this. You will not be asked to suspend your rational decision-making processes and trust something that makes no sense. When new concepts are presented to you, although they may seem new to you, they will also seem as if you have heard them somewhere before, but you cannot quite place them. Sit with them for a time and see if they ‘feel’ acceptable and trustworthy to your body and mind. Just because you have not heard them talked about in your nightly new broadcasts, does not mean that they lack logic or are contrary to your best interests.

Humankind talks about the ‘unknown’ but there is truly never anything that is ‘unknown’. Because you and we are all one, everything is known. The difference is that there are some pieces of information, some bodies of knowledge, that are not consciously known to the ‘you’ with whom you are most identified in this life time.

Today we speak directly to the parts of your ‘selves’ that have been valiantly trying to hold knowledge for just this time in the development of humankind in this dimension- just this time in YOUR development. These aspects of your ‘selves’ have been with you since birth but could not bring the information they were carrying to your conscious awareness until you allowed that it could be true. You are just now coming to this point in your human development.

Therefore, dear ones, there are many of you who will resonate with this message today. There are many of you who in fact have need of hearing this message so that you can put aspects of your internal knowing into their rightful places and not reject them out of hand. If you try to reject these essential pieces of your own wisdom, you will handicap your selves and make life more difficult than it needs to be.

You are all beings of advanced awareness with a deep desire for peace and inter-dimensional communication and sharing. Were you not of this nature, you would not have come to the planet Earth at this time in her development. To fully appreciate yourselves and therefore help your planet, it is time for you to accept your inner knowing, even if it seems to be contrary to what is societally acceptable, and to use it to help you to navigate the world in which you find yourselves functioning each day.

Once you do this, you will find more peace, for indeed, you have been feeling a growing dissonance with your culture. It has been becoming more difficult for you to find fulfillment in what you formerly thought of as your community. You have been feeling estranged and adrift. Society’s rationalizations for its lack of care of the most needy, for lack of care of the earth itself, its rationalizations for war, for more and more profit for fewer and fewer of your people, these are no longer enough for you to continue as you have been. And yet, you are not sure what the alternatives would be, should you choose to speak up and say that the emperor is not wearing any clothes.

The next few months will present you with alternatives that seem outlandish but that, upon reflection, actually make sense to you. Trust that inner knowing and make some changes. Take some steps to do things differently than you have been for the last few years. There will be alternatives, even if they look a little risky. Ask that your ‘higher selves’ guide you and go ahead and take the risks. Explore opportunities for action. Take back your communities. Take back your moral choices and your standards of ethics. Give yourselves license to speak up about what matters. Demand more. Ask questions. You do not need to be an expert to say what you want.

Believe us when we say that there are unrecognized, hidden experts in your communities who are waiting for you to give voice to what matters to you. Your voices will empower them and encourage them, to give you the information, the means, the necessary tools, to make the changes that will improve your collective world. They have been feeling just as disempowered as you have and they need to hear from you. They need to hear that what they have believed in for so long, without any support, is actually important to you. There is a whole underground society waiting to come to the surface and provide what is needed. Nothing is so encouraging as feeling needed and appreciated, and knowing that what you have to offer is valued and necessary.

Their work has not been about profit or social conformity. Their work is exciting and positive and will bring life back to your work communities, your families, and your young people. It will give them hope and lead them to a future that is peaceful instead of fearful and angry. It will teach them to cooperate instead of compete. Nothing feeds youth so much as challenge, hope and learning.

Many of you have been feeling at a dead end. You have not known where to go or what to do next. You have been looking around for inspiration and alternatives instead of ‘more of the same’. However, what has been ‘on the menu’ has not looked appealing. That is because only a very small percentage of the true potential of the ‘world kitchen’ is on the menu. A few of you need to wander into the ‘kitchens’ of your lives and begin to make suggestions. Get to know the chefs. Ask if you can help with the cooking. You may find that you have great ideas. You may find that your questions and desires inspire the chefs and help them to bring out menus that they had given up on or didn’t know they could even cook.

When great change is required in your world, the means, whether intellectual, physical, technical, spiritual or otherwise, are always already incubating amongst you. This has been true all through ‘history’ on the planet earth. These ‘way-showers’ are later identified in the history books as people ‘before their time’. They may have been before the times for their communities but they have not been before their own time! They were just the incubators. Hunt for them. Encourage them. Let them free! Celebrate them! If you are one of them, celebrate yourselves! Your time has come. The time for change has come – as it always does.


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2 Responses to Channeled Message No.9 – Discover people ahead of their time & encourage them

  1. Thanks for the posting Lucca. My eyes are getting too old to read such tiny print though so I couldn’t finish reading it. When I have a moment I’ll copy and paste it into a Word document and then enlarge the size.

  2. Lucca says:

    I’m posting my reply here in the hopes that someone will know what to do about the tiny print this week. I wrote my blog in Word and pasted it in here, the same way as I did it for my last blog – as far as I am aware, and I have tiny print this time. I have tried everything I can think of and can’t seem to get the print bigger. HELP! I can’t read it either!

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