Embrace your purpose

Channeled Message No. 8

Dear Ones:

Good Rune, we are here with you today and pleased to be so. We greet you from the highest realms of your self, and the selves of those who will read this message. It is always with delight that we hear and receive your request and we do our best to translate what you want and need to hear, so that it comes to you in the clearest way possible. Please bear in mind that our concepts are more complex than your language will allow and therefore we simplify, not to insult your intelligence but so that there will not be misunderstandings.

There are words we use which are sounds and will not find direct translation. These words should be experienced rather than heard. They will move energy within your energy fields and provide you with access to understanding that does not have to go through your conscious mind, or thinking processes. Those of you reading this should set your intention that you will know which parts of the message are meant for you and that you will integrate what you receive into your persona without damage or discomfort. Ask to receive only the ‘highest and the best’ and it shall be so for each one of you.

We shall start. You are all here in this incarnation so that you can experience the earth changes that are taking place as we speak. Everyone has the same basic intention or you would not have incarnated. All of you are capable of greater understanding and personal contribution than you think possible and your challenge is to rise to the highest potential levels of your capacities. Beyond this basic intention, you each have unique individual agendas. When Lucca does readings, or works with you individually, this is what she is helping you to connect with and manifest.

With rare exceptions, you all come here to this point in what you refer to as your space-time continuum so that you can resolve the experiences of several lifetimes. Most of these have taken place on the planet Earth, as you call it, although for some few of you they have combined with lifetimes elsewhere. If this applies to you, you will already be aware of this and will have done some work to this end, in your conscious practice in this ‘lifetime’. For those of you who are working with lifetimes on Earth, this does not make you lesser beings; just different.

Many of you are still locked into a linear concept of time. If you are, it is still useful to you. It is not that you are not intelligent enough to work out another way to see it. For some of you, it is indeed harder to see time as linear and you are much more comfortable with a different paradigm. Whatever concept you are using, you are coming to understand that every experience you have affects every other experience, and every one of you affects every other being connected to you, on the planet or off. This includes plant life, animals, insects and molecular life. As everything is energy, everything is affected.

(Please, Lucca, release your responsibility for making this communication ‘perfect’ and ‘safe for all’. Let us take it on. You can be the channel and let us take the responsibility. We say to all reading this, that Lucca is only responsible for writing what we say to her, given the intentions that she set at the start.)

Everyone has a purpose in their existence. It can change at any time but typically, it remains constant. This is because your experience here is but a nano-second in space-time and therefore IS change and IS NOT change, at the same time. You can change your purpose, but why would you until you have accomplished what you set out to accomplish? Your ‘life purpose’ is set with extreme precision and is not subject to error, as you define it in your daily life. Metaphorically, you don’t make a mistake in breathing in and out. It is necessary for being here.

Given your purpose, you attract to you every opportunity to accomplish what you set out to accomplish. You cannot ‘miss’ these opportunities. We see many of you worrying that you might be ‘doing things incorrectly’ or that you may be ‘missing opportunities’. We are here to tell you that this is not how it works. Until you have learned something (in which case your need to attract it would disappear) you will keep attracting the opportunities. It is that simple. You manifest the law of attraction.

Let us move on to the world events unfolding in your experience. Your role in this is personal and if you can work with it that way, you will affect the whole. In point of fact, you are affecting the whole all the time. Whatever you consciously work with in your own experience is a nano-partical in the wholeness of the planet’s experience. Love and accept all the parts of yourself and you will love and accept your neighbours, both locally and globally. Nourish yourself without excess and the same will manifest in your neighbourhood, your country and the world. Trust that there will always be ‘enough’ and you won’t feel compelled to take more than you need. The availability of resources will naturally adjust globally. Trust and you can share without fear. When you are trusted by others, it is easier to trust in return.

We tell you this so that you will step out of fear and hopelessness for your planet. The opposite of both fear and hopelessness is empowerment. By empowerment we mean that you have the opportunity to share who you are with others and allow them to share who they are with you. No individual needs to be everything as long as they are willing to share and accept the sharing of others. You don’t expect your heart to breath or your knees to pump blood. You accept some level of specialization within the body and you accept it within our communities. Every individual is a treasure and seeks to express its unique talents by using them in tandem with others. You are least happy when you are asked to do what is contrary to your purpose and prevented from expressing the gifts with which you arrived in this world.

Existence strives for balance, within galaxies as well as on Earth. The paradox is that balance is achieved through imbalance. They co-exist. You can’t do everything yourself so you reach out to another. Community requires both. You appreciate what is ‘not you’ and are appreciated for what ‘is you’. Existence is not static, it is an ever-moving flow. Nothing is static.

This is sufficient for today. You have much to consider. You are all at a point where you are ready to integrate what is written here and that is why you are reading it. Set your intention to be whole and empowered and watch what opportunities show up in your daily existence to allow you to confidently express your uniqueness. Enjoy!

It is with great respect and reverence that we thank you for being with us at this ‘time’. Go in peace and joy.

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