One step closer to broadcasting

Thanks to some of my devoted readers, I now have funding for my first year of broadcasting. Thank you! I am thrilled and will spend this week setting things up and figuring out which air-time to opt for. It has to work on both sides of the Atlantic, and maybe even further afield for folks I don’t know are reading here.

I have two friends with broadcasting experience; one in radio and one in television. I hope to draw on the experience of both as it is a field where I have no background. Having 55 minutes to fill twice a month is a bit like a blank piece of paper to a writer. It’s exciting and daunting at one and the same time!

Having spent many lifetimes saying controversial things in a very public way and having been tortured and killed for it, I am having some interesting conversations with my ‘psychic’ body about safety. And I don’t even know what I’m going to talk about on air yet! My guides keep telling me that I won’t be harmed this time, and I believe this to be true. I hadn’t realized that there is still any part of me that doesn’t trust that I will be safe.

Talk about the body presenting us what is going on for us psychologically and emotionally – I’ve had bronchitis this week. Fortunately it hasn’t been too severe. It must just be the dregs of fear from the old paradigm! I am resolute that I will meet this challenge with my friends at my side and lots of serendipity.

This leads me to wonder about whether this is happening for any of you right now. Is your soul calling you to do something that scares you? I think we are experiencing a paradigm shift; it’s not a hypothetical any longer – it’s here. Some of us are aware of this and we are the ones who will step out first, confronting our own fears and overcoming them. Hopefully, others will see that we’re out there in the water and having a good time, so that they will feel safe to give it a try if they feel so moved.

I am so excited by the prospect of everyone doing and being what they have the greatest talent for. I believe there is a need for it right now. We are being called, in these challenging times, to contribute in ways that will help us all to come out on the other side of our present adversity, with greater perspective and vision. Tough times bring challenges of all shapes and sizes and these times will too. Any sort of chaos allows for the old system to crack and crumble, just enough that we can wedge in a few new ways of doing things.

So, for all of us who have been complaining about how the world is, now is our time. We need to put up or shut up. Nothing is too small, as long as we all do what gives us the greatest satisfaction and uses our skills and talents to their greatest effect.

For me, it’s broadcasting to the world. What might it be for you?

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2 Responses to One step closer to broadcasting

  1. For me it’s walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. As you know I plan to do this pilgrimage in either the spring or fall of 2010. However ever since I’ve gotten back from my recent holiday, there’s been a sense of urgency about this walk. I’ve started looking at the clothing and footwear I might need, I’ve pulled out my Spanish text book again, and I’m reading whatever I can get my hands on about the Camino. I don’t know if I have the physical or mental strength to do this journey and in some ways it scares the hell out of me but it’s certainly calling to me!

  2. luccaj says:

    I know you can do it but then the people around us often know we can do the things that are a bit daunting to us. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we need friends. I feel I should carry your water for you!

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