A broadcaster in the making?

Our media options are growing all the time, what with cable TV & radio and satellite, and now the Internet has increased the possibilities even more. A friend of mine introduced me to an Internet radio organization based in the US called BBS Radio. This is an excerpt from their description of what they’re doing …

The Vision: Build a media portal encompassing T.V., Radio, Internet and Print, that is not mainstream media, but a unifying, interactive source of enlightenment, an empowering force, “a spiritual media force” developed by people with a passion for Life, the Earth, its inhabitants, knowledge, peace, wisdom, awareness and love! A portal providing a broad range of productions and information to promote natural alternative health, joy, free energy, self-awareness, and the existence of E.T. All in an effort to increase the vibration of the people and the planet, as it enters into this wonderful New Age of Aquarius.

The set-up

There are currently 82 hosts, all with their own unique programs. Each broadcast hour includes 55 minutes free of ads and then there are five minutes of publicity for upcoming programs. Hosts pay to broadcast so it is really a labour of love on their parts. Listeners can listen live over the internet for free or, if they aren’t available at the broadcast times, they can listen to anything in the broadcast archives for $8US a month or just under $60US a year.

BBS show content

The shows run the gamut from alternative on-line courses, to natural health & homeopathy, to psychics & mediums, to astrology, to tarot, to politics and economics. If it’s alternative, they’ve got it. Hosts broadcast in English from all over the world. Distance is no object when you use the Internet!

Hosting a show

A friend of mine suggested that I could host a show. I could do phone-in readings and also interview people who interest me and my audience, including authors, researchers and people who are doing interesting things, wherever I find them in the world. I could do two shows a month and one could be for readings/channeling/discussions and the other could be an interview.

Two shows a month would cost $150.US. If I did go ahead and become a host, I would need to find a group of sponsors to cover the cost. I’m imagining it organized a bit like public television pledges.

Possibilities for show content

I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for potential guest topics:

  • local alternative currencies
  • restorative yoga
  • how our belief systems affect our health and healing
  • dowsing
  • BodyTalk®

I need your feedback

Any requests/ideas? I’m still in the brainstorming phase so I’m open to possibilities. What are you interested in hearing/learning about? Do you have any contacts who might make good guests? Would you listen? I figure I should do my homework before I entertain the idea so I’m floating it here. What do you think?

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2 Responses to A broadcaster in the making?

  1. Bill and Anne says:

    Dear Lucca. It sounds like a good idea. Naturally, the sponsorship is required. Where to go for that? The times are “nasty”. And yet, sometimes things can come in surprising ways. – What about writing a book? Namaste. Bill and Anne.

  2. Ruth says:

    Hi Lucca, I think that’s a fantastic idea and you would be a great host. I will be happy to sponsor you for the first month especially as I know you have a ‘special’ birthday coming up! You could do a programme dedicated to mini readings, and the second where you interviewed a variety of people such as author David Hamilton who wrote “It’s the thought that counts’. Go for it gal! The time is now! Ruth xxxxx

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