Walking on Water

On January 15th, an aircraft made an emergency landing in New York’s Hudson River. Miraculously everyone on board survived, including the crew. I watched the reports on television and marveled at how much it appeared that the passengers were walking on water as they waited to be rescued from where they stood on the wings.

As I watched, I ‘heard’ the voice of an old friend in my ear. He died many years ago but he had been an airline captain and aeronautical instructor before he was killed in a head-on auto accident shortly after his retirement. What he said me me was, “I helped the pilot land that plane safely.” It was very clear and very simple.  There was no doubt in my mind which plane it was because I was watching it! There was also no doubt who was speaking to me; I don’t know any other captains and I knew him well.

The emergency landing of the plane and the clockwork precision with which all the help gathered to evacuate the passengers so quickly had a shimmer of energy around it. It’s the sort of shimmer I notice when an event is important to our learning process as humans on this planet.

With this unexpected message from my friend, I began to wonder what was so important about this extraordinary crash. It has been suggested to me that it was giving us a message that we can expect miracles. They DO happen. It’s also interesting that this crash took place so close to where the twin towers went down. You couldn’t miss the juxtaposition.

This episode has also left me wondering about the meaning of such events. I have a psychic friend who told me years ago that he had a dream on the night that another big plane crash took place. He said dreamed that he had been helping the people who were about to die to make the transition to death, as the plane was going down. He woke without knowing that there had been a plane crash in the night.

Both of these situations have left me with the sense that group deaths and group miracles such as these can be orchestrated to minimize the fear and pain of those involved. I don’t mean that people are being arbitrarily killed but that there is non-physical help around to ease the process, and that there might be more reason involved than we necessarily understand.

I called my pilot friend’s family right away and told them what I had heard from him. I am assuming that since he came and gave me this message, I am meant to spread the word. I don’t necessarily need to know why. Maybe you will know.

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1 Response to Walking on Water

  1. Bill and Anne says:

    Dear Lucca.
    Thank you for sharing this reality.

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