A Holiday shake-up is good for us

This has been a very odd holiday season in Vancouver, and indeed in Canada as a whole. We’ve had record low temperatures for record durations, and deep snow for days on en. Unlike other years, it has stayed on the ground. Last night it began to rain and now the whole snowfall is slowly melting away.

The net effect of all this strange cold weather has been that many people have not been able to go about life-as-usual. I can’t help but think that this is a good thing as I believe that many of us could do with being shaken out of our regular routines. That’s if your life hasn’t already done this to you in the last few months!


The overwhelming theme this holiday season has been one of being spun about and disoriented, like we used to be when we played ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ at birthday parties when we were children. If you want to break a habit, and the way many of us live is habitual, then the best way to do it is to rearrange things. It seems Mother Nature has done a very nice job of that this year. I’m feeling well and truly spun!

Surviving, and then some

The trick to surviving a ‘spinning’ is to try to stay out of the reflex annoyance and fear. Once we go there, we’re just being reactive and are unpleasant to be around. If we can but stay in the place of feeling curious and playful, something that fluffy snow can encourage, then we can often see another side to the inconveniences brought about by the weather. When life gives you a bowl of lemons, make lemonade!

I’ve noticed that the media is full of fear just now. How will we weather the economic crisis? What will the change of government in the US bring about? How will it affect other countries? Will India and Pakistan go to war? What happens if people don’t spend enough money at Christmas? How many businesses are going under? What happens if you can’t pay your mortgage? Every time we hear another of these questions, we are wound a little tighter with fear.


My message this holiday season is to remind you to B-R-E-A-T-H-E… Yes, that’s right – take a deep breath in… hold it and feel your own body… and gently breathe it out again. You’re still here. We’re all still here. Now breathe in and out again. Sigh.

Keep going and emerge

Imagine that there is a band of fear around the earth, like the atmosphere. Whenever you notice yourself slipping over into fearful thoughts, just imagine that you are rising into the band of fear, and that you can keep right on going and emerge on the other side. You don’t have to stay in that uncomfortable fear.


Know this: that human beings are ingenious. When we challenge ourselves to find solutions, and stay positive about our resourcefulness, we can move mountains. There is a whole, big, intriguing world-wide web out there, just packed with people sharing brilliant ideas, reassurance and optimism. Even if the media hasn’t caught up yet, you can make your own way in Cyberspace.

Here are some interesting folks to check out:

Noam Chomsky A very rational intellectual and speaker who has been speaking and teaching most of his life. A refreshing perspective on our economics.

Eileen Caddy Eileen was one of the founders of the Findhorn Foundation in the Highlands of Scotland. She died recently but I’m amazed at how much of the material she wrote when she was alive is eerily applicable now.

Ted.com These are films of 20-minute talks by very interesting people who are discussing what they are passionate about. Choose by subject or just go with the latest.

Alternative Radio Broadcasts Tired of only being able to listen to a limited range of mainstream subjects on the radio? Interested in some alternative views? Beware! Some of them are very unusual – great for broadening your perspective. The one I listen to most often is Mike Quinsey.

Stay tuned for more as I come across them. Hope you find something in here to tweak your curiosity. And if you have any suggestions for my list, I’d love to hear from you so I can include them here.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget to check out my seasonal book recommendation! Also, my Dark-of-the-Season Discount is still available until the end of January 2009. Do take advantage of it, and send your friends.

I wish you all the best of the season. May peace, love and abundance be with you and yours in 2009.

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