Information/energy and change

Channeled Message Number 8

Lucca: Are you coming through from a different level than the other messages I’ve posted on my blog?

Channeled Message: Yes, indeed. We are of a ‘higher’ level than you spoke through last time. We are of a different ‘department’ and a slightly ‘higher level’, although that does not translate as ‘more important’ as it would on Earth. ‘Here’, as you refer to it, we are non-temporal and non-spacial. When you make a request and have a certain intent, one that matches with what we are able to provide for you, we are ‘connected’ and can ‘elucidate’ for you as you require.

Dear Ones:

… Imagine a reservoir that holds the waters collected from the many streams of your higher geographic regions. You have dams that hold back the water and let it through as it is needed. The need is partly driven by the water available from natural sources and partly by the needs of the communities served by the reservoir.

This analogy suits our purposes for this message. All of you form the ‘community’ that is ‘served’ by the ‘water’ supply. The ‘water’ is the energy/information that ‘serves’ to elucidate all of you as you struggle to make sense of the developing events in your world. Energy and information are the same thing to us. Energy is a vibration that moves the cells in your individual and collective energy fields so that you can ‘remember’ what you came into this particular incarnation to learn and create.

As you have a greater desire to understand, your personal vibration contains your intention and we pick it up. This is instantaneous and happens constantly in your day-to-day lives. Some of you have agreed to come to Earth to aid in the transmission of this information/energy and it is you who open the sluices on the ‘dam’ and allow the information/energy to pass out of the reservoir and into the river. Each individual also has the ability to receive the information directly but many of you do not believe you can.

As information/energy, the metaphorical ‘water’ passes into the river and heads downstream, where it eventually comes through the pipes and taps into your individual consciousnesses. Each individual’s ‘tap’ is different and so you will each receive and process the information/energy in the way that works best for you. For some of you this will be in the form of dreams, daydreams, or inspiration. For others, you will read it on the Internet, in a book, magazine or journal, or even watch it or listen to it. Still others will hear it directly from another person who receives it in one of these ways. No way is better than any other.

The information/energy will affect your life according to what you need and every person has different needs according to their agreement as a soul. No matter who you are, you have a purpose. Some of you have yet to become consciously aware of what your purpose is. For instance, some of you are teachers, others are healers, some are communicators/messengers, and some are artists, etc.

Differences & similarities
In your Earth world, many of you are conditioned to be comparative, competitive and critical. Although these qualities can have their uses, in Earth’s current, rapidly changing circumstances, these qualities can hinder your ability to value your own processes and needs, and focus instead on how you compare to others.

We say to you that no individual is ‘better’ or more ‘valuable’ than any other. Not even great leaders. No way of drinking ‘water’ is better than any other and no purpose is ‘higher’. You are all different and designed to be so. Your collective strength is in your infinite number of differences as well as your infinite number of similarities. These weave the fabric of human existence and you are often blinded to one, at the expense of the other.

As you read this, Earth is engaged in a process of transition from one vibrational level to another. It has reached a point where you can now see the changes more clearly than you have been able to in the past but you have been moving in this direction for a long time. The way in which you experience of this vibrational change depends on why you are here. If your life purpose is to participate in the change, you will go with it. If you are here to experience resisting the change, that is what you will be drawn to do. Neither is better – just different.

The majority of the souls on the planet have come for this experience of the shift. But – and this is important to understand – ‘reality’ can encompass both outcomes; change to a ‘higher’ level of vibration and a continuation on the same level. There will be a migration of souls depending on their choice. Some of you will go to the station and take the train and others of you will see it off.

That is a question for which you are all creating a collective answer. You are experimenting with unity and duality. They can dance together or there can be conflict as one is the focus at the expense of an understanding of the place and value of the other.

Unity & duality
You can understand duality and unity as being within your self, your community, the planet and the Universe. You call these playing fields the microcosm and the macrocosm. You are an individual and a member of the global community at the same time. You think and you contribute to the global body of knowledge at the same time. You are both a drop of water and a part of the ocean.

These analogies might seem vague and frustrating to some of you and yet they are the best way for us to pass on information/energy. You will each interpret in your own way and thus find in the analogies what you need. Each of you will respond to the vibration of this message and use it in the way that best suits your purpose. Seeming synchronicities in your life can be the very best ways for you to discover your own truth, and your unique creativity is a way for you to make use of it by integrating it into your life.

There will be more on this subject but this is enough for one message.
Greetings and peace

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  1. Ian Stone says:

    Thank you for this message from your Spirit Guide. Hopefully this will encourage others to seek and find their own Spirit Guides and start listening to communications that are specific to them

    With Love
    Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
    Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
    Metaphysical Institute
    Metaphysical Institute Blog

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