Love is all there is

Channeled Message Number 7

Dear Ones:

When you seek the divine and your connection with the divine, you are seeking to participate in the love that makes up the fabric of the Universe. At present, many people on Earth are experimenting with meditation for the first time, or are returning to it after a time away. Many of you want to know what to look for that will tell you when it’s ‘working’, or how you will know that you have been successful.

Let us explain to you that there is not just one ‘right’ way to meditate. Meditation is a practice which allows you to shift your focus from the hubbub of your everyday life to the inner quiet that is the centre of your being. This is a place where you ‘just are’, a place of ‘allowing’. When you connect with this place, you come into contact with the part of yourself which has no beginning or end, that has no sense of time at all. It is in perfect balance. It does not need, desire or promote. It allows you to attend to your ‘being-ness’.

All of your spiritual belief systems have words for this, including suggested practices, histories and wisdom, accumulated over time and designed to help believers to connect to themselves and to the abundant love that makes up the Universe. Keep in mind that these are aids and not prescriptions. Use them if they help but don’t feel that you are meditating incorrectly if your way is different.

You will know you are doing what you need to when the state you reach helps you to feel loved and loving. If quieting your worldly inner chatter is difficult, as it often is in your busy world, you can try giving the love that you would like to feel. Participate.

Many of you can reach a state similar to that of ‘meditation’ when you do things that make you happy and use your talents. This could be playing an instrument, being in nature as you are when taking a walk or gardening. It might be dancing, painting, flying or even cooking. If this is done in a group, you might experience the delight of being in harmony with others – or you might be alone. It doesn’t have to be a life-altering feat, but this state of equilibrium will alter your life.

Having said that you can be doing something, we caution here that it is not necessary for you to do anything. When you pass a person on the street, or sit beside them on the bus, someone who catches your attention, for whatever reason, send that person a loving thought. Appreciate them as fellow beings in the Universe. Know that they too have their part to play and that they play it to the best of their ability at any given time, just as you do.

When your heart and mind are full of loving thoughts, peace and appreciation, there is little if any room left over for fear. Fear is what causes constriction of your energy flow, hoarding of resources, suspicion of motives and the collapse of economies. It makes you want to run faster, do more, have more and share less. It makes you nervous, irritable and out of sorts, and more likely to look for solutions outside of yourself. In this fearful state, you tend to forget that you have your own answers to your own questions and that you don’t need to give your power away or make deals to get what you need – which is love.

You could call ‘loving’ a state of grace, which is essentially what you enter when you’re meditating. No matter whether you’re in a taxi cab or a Buddhist temple, when you’re in a state of grace, you’ll find it easier to make sense of life, love yourself and everyone else, and have enough time and resources to do what needs to be done.


Here’s a link to a weekly photo by Neil Wakeling in Scotland. I just love his photos and he always has an inspiring quote to go with the picture.

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