Tuning into the transition process

Channeled Message Number 6

Dear Ones:

We ask you to remember that you are not alone. The sun comes up on your day and you release those of us who have been with you in the night. This has always been so, but lately it is even more so, as we come closer to the time of recognition. You may ask, ‘recognition of what?’. Recognition of who you are, each and every one of you, and therefore recognition of who everyone else is in your world; each in their own splendor and in their own right. From where we sit, in the world of energy that is beyond most of your ‘normal vision’, we see you each as the most effervescent, joyful and uniquely talented beings. You/we were all made that way. The difference between us and you is that we have awareness of this and you are just coming to this awareness now.

The shift
These are changing times for you and you can feel it. Messages are being sent to mediums and those of you who are open to the knowledge, in order that you may pass it along to everyone you know who needs it. We who have committed to helping you, sit on the other side of an energy shift. We say it is a shift because once you know it is there, and have the ability to see from our perspective, it doesn’t exist for you any longer. It is a shift in perspective.

What is physically happening is that you are increasing your level of vibration. Many of you on the Earth plane have been able to do this temporarily, for instance during meditation, but you are now moving your awareness and energy to a level where you can live in it instead of just visiting. If you are not one of the ‘helpers, then you are in the process of being helped. In which case, it is equally important for you to know what is happening.

How it feels
The reason we are telling you this today, through Lucca, is that you will be feeling the effects of the energy shift and many of you will not know what it is, or if you do, you won’t know what to do with it when it becomes uncomfortable. Lack of knowledge often results in fear and we wish you to be as free of fear as we can help you to be.

As she writes this, Lucca is feeling some of what we describe. This is in order that she will understand it herself. She does not usually feel the discomfort because she spends part of her time (for ‘time’, you may read ‘attention’, as it is not really time as you understand the term) in our realm and part in yours. She is one of the many beings on the earth at this time who are helping you to make the transition as gracefully as possible.

Not the first time
She, and many of you who are reading this, have already made a transition such as this in Earth’s history. We could have said ‘unrecorded history’, for you won’t have found records of the transition that you would recognize as such, but the events were indeed recorded. The records are in a form that you do not yet know how to access in the ways of which you are aware at this time. In the case of those of you who have already experienced what we describe, you are here to both help and experience, this raising of consciousness (energy levels), on a mass scale. The hope, which is virtually a certainty at this point, is that planet Earth will be able to participate in what is variously called the ‘Inter-Galactic Federation’, as a full member.

For example
Imagine, if you will, that you have decided you would like to join an organization to which you have not belonged before. You have heard about it and have decided that this is a group that may share your values and aspirations. Just to be sure, you reach out to the group and ask if you can attend a meeting or two. The group considers your request and invites you to attend as a guest, showing you around and answering your questions; helping you to experience anything that will help you to make your choice more easily.

Because this group operates in another dimension (energy level), you can only visit with their assistance. You will also need the group’s assistance to remember your experience, once you return to your normal world. Your memories cross the divide in the form of dreams, inspiration, art, and intuition.

If your visit confirms your original desire to join, you will again approach the group and ask if you may begin the process of becoming a member. This is a group which is open to all, but you will not immediately be ready to participate fully. You must learn the history, operating paradigms and philosophies. This is similar in your terms to becoming a citizen in a new country. In short, we have to teach you how to be here.

It is not a matter of ‘sneaking across the border’ because you literally cannot survive in our ‘energy field’ unaided, if you do not know how to vibrate at our rate. Each being vibrates according to what they do, how they see, how they think and how open they are to love, faith and trust. Anything that does not vibrate fast enough (high enough) will fall out of synch and snap back into the old level. There is no expulsion process; there is just ‘the fall’. If you choose, you can try again.

On our side, we wish your whole planet to be able to make this move permanently. This means eradicating fear. Fear does not exist as a state of being for us. But that topic is for another message!

Adapting to the Earth
For those of you who operate in our world as well as yours, you have had to adapt to living on planet Earth, some of you have worked at this over many lifetimes. You had to become an Earth citizen and make the appropriate adjustments to Earth’s existing energy levels. You will often have felt that you didn’t/don’t really belong, or that there is something just beyond your grasp. You may have dreams that don’t make sense when you awake. You may have a clear knowing that there is a way of living that is peaceful and full of grace, where conflicts are resolved without violence and where love, health and sharing are the norm. This is because you already know these ways of being.

If you have felt any of the following :

  • frustration at being ‘stuck’ at a level that feels overly simplistic;
  • as though you are feeling emotions that aren’t yours but you don’t know where they originate;
  • that ‘something’ is just around the corner but you don’t know what it might be or how to prepare for it;
  • disbelief and sadness at the levels of deception and manipulation that are coming to light on the world stage;
  • a growing awareness of the numbers of physical ailments that seem to be systemic rather than specific, and for which the medical profession has no ready answer;
  • discomfort in the work/profession you have chosen but not knowing what to do instead;
  • at a loss as to what to do with children’s expectations of the world in which they live – suspecting that they may inherently know something you don’t …

… then you are already tuning in to and experiencing the transition process between your current dimension and the one that is opening to you. To return to the analogy of joining a new organization, when you have been oriented and helped to prepare to make the transition, you will be given the choice about whether you still want to join. Joining means committing to our creed and agreeing to live within it and participate in our governance, for in the Inter-Galactic Federation, everyone is lovingly held responsible for their choices and their actions.

Loving guidance
Please know that the planet Earth is being lovingly and firmly guided through
the transition process between the three-dimensional world in which you now live, and being a newly initiated member of the next dimension – a fledgling member – and that you will be given all the necessary assistance in order to become a successful and flourishing member of the Federation. The time is near.


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