Focus on what you want

Channeled Message Number 5

Dear Ones:

Humanity is beginning to manifest what it focuses its attention on. The vibration of the earth is increasing which means that everything is happening faster. Add to this the increases in your personal vibration level, which is the result of your individual learning, and you have an increased ability to manifest.

Your responsibility is to make sure you are clear about what you want and that you try to stay positive. Fear about present situations, or about future undesired scenarios, will focus your energy on what you DON’T want instead of what you DO want. Now is the time to trust your inner knowing. Don’t worry about whether what it says is realistic or reasonable.

Are you not sure which of the thoughts or messages whirling around inside your head are helpful to you? Here are a few pointers …

Your inner knowing, or intuition, or gut feel, or Higher Self, speaks to you in positive language. It doesn’t threaten. It doesn’t give dire warnings. It doesn’t give you ‘tests’. It isn’t cruel or impatient. On the contrary; your inner knowing is kind but firm. It is patient, although it can be abrupt at times. It is supportive and loving. Although it may produce thoughts, inner knowing doesn’t originate in the head but in the heart.

You might ask whether you can talk to this inner knowing. Indeed you can. Every thought you have is received and responded to, but the more conscious you are of this thinking/desiring process, and the clearer you can be about your requests, the more positive will be your experience of your life. Your requests for information, or for help, will be answered in the best way for you, and at the best time, and this may not fit with your conscious schedule of wanting it right now.

Therefore, ask for what you want, and then move on with your day. Trust that all is well and will be well, and remain curious and alert. You will get what you need at exactly the right time. Be ready for it when it comes and don’t send something away before you consider whether what you’re rejecting might be what you asked for, but in an unexpected package or from an unexpected source.


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