Re-choose each day

Channeled Message Number 4

Dear Ones:

Humanity is feeling overwhelmed at this point in what you collectively refer to as ‘time’. We remind you:

As you think, so are you.

Your fears are very much to do with time. You fear what will happen to you in your ‘future’, if you do not do/say/take care of certain things in your ‘present’. Let us explain to you that there is no ‘past/present/future’; there is only ‘now’. If you ‘choose’ to be afraid now, then that is what you create for your past/present/future. You must ask yourselves if what you are doing/saying/being right now is what you would like to create in your life, no matter what the time reference.

If you don’t like the way your life is today, then change your behaviour right now – not tomorrow, or this evening. Put down the chocolate or the cigarette or the beer. Move your body by taking a walk, even if it is only around the house or the block. Do something that is what you do want. This is more powerful than any resolutions you may make about what you will do tomorrow or next week.

Procrastination is a way of missing your life. You have power right now. If you are afraid, then do something that gives you concrete proof that you are not your fear. Change your experience, even if what you do is small. Act as though each day is a lifetime. When you arise each morning, you are new, and when you retire you are passing into the space between experiences, where you can recharge your energy and gain a fresh perspective, so that you can arise again, new, the next day. You have a film called Groundhog Day that deals with this very theme.

Many people say at the end of their lives, “If I only knew when I was young what I know now, I would make different choices.” Consider that each day you know something that you didn’t know the day before. Thus you have the opportunity to re-choose each day and make yourself again. No matter if your changes to your life are big or small, everything matters. You can enjoy the you that you create each day.

What reality would you like to create for yourself today?


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