Consider that you are a pearl

Channeled Message Number 3

Consider that you are a pearl – perfect in every way, even if you are not an orb without blemish. Everyone is perfect, even in their imperfection. You do not look at a gnarled tree and see it as less than perfect and so should you not look at yourselves and see anything less than the miraculous pearls that you are.

Does this mean that you should cease to ‘improve’? Indeed not. But look at it as experimenting with your reality instead of correcting what is ‘wrong’. Considering yourselves as flawed and in need of correction sets you up with negative energy. You will tend to punish yourselves if you do not ‘succeed’ or give up hope if you don’t accomplish what you had anticipated. You are beginning to understand that ‘stern taskmasters’ do not get the desired lasting results.

Instead you can look to your guides, in body and out-of-body, for nurturing, love and the compassionate holding of the boundaries of your experience. If not for a boundary between what is and what you can become, you would not recognize change. The best teacher doesn’t beat you if you experiment. Instead the teacher shows you what happened this time and offers alternatives that could produce different outcomes. The choice is always yours.

It is our intent to empower you to fully explore your own potential, with the proviso that it is NOT NECESSARY. You are still a pearl, even if you don’t ‘do’ anything. It is our observation though, that on a soul level, even ‘doing nothing’ is actually ‘doing something’. A passive choice is still a choice and must be honoured as such.

It is the nature of the soul to experience itself in relation to itself and others. This is the unique opportunity of duality. Do you go to a fair and not experience the atmosphere or the rides? If you so, why go at all? If you were to block it out and ‘do nothing’ while you are there, that is in itself an interesting choice!

In conclusion, please regard yourselves with lively curiosity instead of stern expectation and disappointment. The more you can do this, the closer you will come to seeing yourselves with the compassion and delight with which we see you.


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1 Response to Consider that you are a pearl

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lucca. Thank you for the profound channelling. We have shared it with a dear one. Bill and Anne.

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