Beginning your day

It seems that there is another channeled message for us today. I am always grateful when one is available and send my thanks out to all of you who are drawing this information to you and allowing me to be the conduit, especially since I benefit from it as much as you do! Here is message No.2 …

Channeled Message Number 2

Setting your day in motion

How you start your day is similar to the way in which a book starts. The author has to set the scene and get you interested. If this isn’t done well, then you can’t follow the story or you just put the book down. Today is as every other day in that you always choose how you will begin and how you will interpret what you see and experience, before you return to sleep again.

Take a few moments when you start your day to calm your mind and ground yourself. Stretch and drink water. Feed yourself or look after creating healthy food for when you will eat it later on. Are you left with any feelings or images from your dreams of the previous night? If so, imagine them into your day, especially if you have requested help with anything, or if you have prayed before retiring the night before.

Many of you will be tempted to jump out of bed and run into the day. This leaves part of your ‘self’ behind instead of ensuring that all of who you are is fully present. There are disciplines in the world that refer to this as mindfulness. Bring your attention to what you want to be and create and learn in the day ahead, and set your intention for how you would like this to come about. This will also help you if you are dreading your day and therefore procrastinating getting out of bed.

Try to imagine that you can’t run out of time as you know it. Tell yourself that you will have the time to accomplish everything that needs to be done in the day. (needs to be done!) Many of you will try to accomplish things that don’t need to be done – things that do not support your higher purpose.

The Universe tries to help you to edit out what is not necessary for your soul’s growth. Know that you will always find the time for what you want most. It is what you will attract. Be ready for us to help you by providing the opportunities you seek during your day, and then take advantage of them with a smile in your heart.


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