Channeled message – Dark Corners

There are times when I write from what I’ve been thinking about during the week, or what has been going on in my life, or the lives of people with whom I’ve come into contact. There are other times when I sit at my keyboard and write what is channeled to me. Today is one of the times for channeling.

The information I channel comes from a group of entities. More than 20 years ago, I asked them who ‘they’ were. They explained that they speak in one voice; this being the ‘I’, or ‘we’ that they use in their messages. They refer to themselves as entities whose collective intention is to help me, and us, with our spiritual development along the paths we have chosen as individual souls and as a human collective on earth. Depending on the subject matter and the intended audience, the individual entities who comprise the group will change – as will the number of entities.

Here is their channeled message, for the first time here on my blog…

Channeled Message Number 1

It is Time to Look in the Dark Corners

It’s time for all of you on this ‘little blue planet’ to have a good, long look in the dark corners of your psyches, and thoroughly examine what you find there. You all have these corners. Some of you have made forays into this shadowy world already and have had a stab at dealing with what is there. Others of you are aware of its existence through your peripheral vision only. You knew you would need to look one day but you hoped you could get away with ignoring it for a little while longer. And finally there are those of you who would like to think this corner isn’t there at all. I suspect those people are not likely to be reading this blog!

We assure you that the support you need to deal with what you find in these dark corners is always available at exactly the right moment. You might find that it doesn’t come from where you expected, but that should not be a deterrent. Be open to accepting help from wherever you find it. It will ‘feel right’ and that is all you need to know. Fear is the only enemy to your healing and you need not be afraid if you can trust that you have all the help you will need.

As you look at the world around you, you will be aware of many chaotic and challenging situations facing everyone; for individuals and for large and small groups, including nations. This is because a metaphorical ‘jack hammer’ is being applied to the fabric of your social, economic, physical(including geological) and energetic systems. In order to walk forward into a more sustainable, peaceful system, you will have to set yourselves free from the old one. This is easier if the old systems have been loosened up so that you’re not trying to break free with a solid piece of concrete sitting on top of your life.

You have been seeing your lives through the lenses of specific belief systems. Many of these are so accepted that you don’t even know you hold them – they have become invisible. It is time for you to test these beliefs and see if they still apply. You believe in what you see as the ‘rules of life’ and you use them to negotiate your way along your paths; indeed this is a system that has worked for the duration of your recorded history.

Your cultural upbringing has taught you some of these rules, For example, you believe that a certain set of behaviours will garner a particular set of consequences – sometimes so much so that you haven’t personally tested them. And you have extrapolated other rules from your personal experience. A simple example of this might be that you believe that if you challenge your partner, he/she will leave you, or you might see yourself as a cruel and unsupportive person.

Looking into the dark corners of your psyche will require that you be brave enough to review the rules of the fabric of your life. You’re going to have to say to yourselves, “This isn’t working. I don’t like this outcome. So maybe I can reassess why I’ve been seeing my life the way I have, or doing things the way I have.”

Let us say clearly that for the moment you can allow yourselves not to have to do anything. Just look. Be on the look-out for tools that can help you – books, films, support groups, overheard conversations, interviews, blogs, formal and informal studies, and even novels. We want to emphasize that you do not have to feel you are risking life and limb. Take small steps – but take them just the same!

The group of entities that represents the ‘we’ of our message to you is comprised of all the guides and highest-level over-souls for every one of you who will read this blog. Rest assured that you are being seen and spoken to directly. Time and space are not what you believe them to be and energy always attracts like energy. As Lucca has been fond of saying for years, there is no such thing as coincidence.


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1 Response to Channeled message – Dark Corners

  1. Anonymous says:

    June 30/08 Bless you, Lucca, for being the vehicle of transmitting this information. We did not get to read it last week but are thankful to catch up again. Bill and Anne.

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