Purpose string

I tuned in to a young woman’s energy the other day. She has been feeling exhausted and unwell. The doctors haven’t been able to find the cause and she and her family are feeling worried and frustrated. Without looking for any information, I suddenly picked up one line and it was:

“She has lost her connection to her purpose string.”

My sense was that she experienced some sort of trauma and her connection to her purpose string was wrenched. Sometimes I receive information that contains a concept which I haven’t heard of before and this was one of those times. As a term “purpose string” is so clear and quite delightful. So much so that it made me smile in recognition. Even though I’ve never heard of it, I feel I know exactly what a purpose string is.

I imagine it going all the way up my spine and into the sky and the Universe, and that if I tug on it, something on the other end will tug back. It feels reassuring, as if I might need a reminder about why I’m here and it is always there – like spell-check.

If I didn’t have a purpose string, then I imagine I might not be very well grounded. I might lose sight of who I am and how to navigate through my life. How would I know what is right for me? I began to think about all the times when we make pivotal decisions in life and what we need as a reference point in order to make those choices. What do I study? Who do I want as a friend? What city should I live in? Who should I marry?

One thought leads to another in my thinking processes and as soon as I began to think of pivotal decisions, I corrected myself and considered that big choices are based on thousands of daily choices. Surely a purpose string would influence many of those as well. I pick up a book to read based on my interests, which are connected to my purpose in life. Friends and potential mates could be drawn to me based on who I am, my interests, my values and my choices.

I wondered if a computer without an operating systems might make a good metaphor for life without a purpose string but I had second thoughts about that. An operating system isn’t a blueprint for what to do with the computer. It just gives you a tool to access data. The ‘data’, or the purpose, comes from a part of ourselves that has access to the bigger picture of our lives whereas the day-to-day part of ourselves can sometimes get lost in minutiae.

I don’t know if what I sensed about the young woman was correct. Time will tell but she has led me to think about my purpose string and what it means in my life. It provides a touchstone that informs my choices and gives me comfort when I’m not sure where the turns in the road in front of me will lead. If I lost it, I would feel as though I had been cast adrift in a boat without a rudder, not knowing where I was going or how to get there. I might be tempted to navigate with an external compass instead of my internal one.

I suspect we all have a purpose string but I need to talk to some more people about it to find out more about their experience.

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