Re-finding centre

Today I would like to remind us (you and me) that we are divine creatures (did you ever doubt it?) each with our own divine purpose – even if we don’t always know how to describe what that may be. If, as I believe, we create in this world from what we think, then we had better get with the program and think positively. It’s hard to be divine when we’re buried under fear and negativity.

I’ve noticed quite a few people lately who seem to have been knocked off their centers, and I can include myself among them. Always alert to ‘signs’ from my ‘higher self’, I sat down and read an article that a friend had just sent me. It comes from SOLARA‘s surf reports which discuss the energies they say we are currently experiencing in our lives. Interestingly, it started out by describing something very similar to what I had described to someone in a conversation the day before, so I’ll quote a little piece of it:

“During the final days of July and the first few days of August, everything came to a seeming halt. It felt as if the track we had been riding upon for a long time was suddenly dismantled. We could travel no further on the old track and had to wait until the new titanium express track was ready for us. …”

Among other things, the article reminds us go inside ourselves and find our center/core once again. Not bad advice. Not that it means we don’t need to do anything else of course, but it’s a good place to start when we wobble off-centre.

I thought I’d experiment so I conjured up my childhood freedom of expression and sat down with crayons and paper to draw what I think my core being looks like. This wasn’t the me who walks the street in shoes and a hat. This was the me that I come back to when I have to choose a direction in life. I’ve noticed that either/or sorts of decisions are not so difficult for me. The ones I find more troublesome are the ones where the road seems to have evaporated before my very eyes and I have to decide whether to stay put or set off in some direction across what looks like a desert – not a palm tree or water hole in sight.

Next I drew a graphic representation of what I’d like to have in my life. Pictures force me to get away from words and therefore to focus on the grander scale of things and not the minutia. I’m at a point where I would like to generate some new clients so I drew a picture of me working. I called it ‘be-doing’ because I think it should combine being and doing – since I’m a human being and not a human doing AND I like to be doing something that gives me satisfaction.

It was successful because I have to say that I felt more centered once I was finished. As a result of this process I decided that it was also a good time for me to remind myself of some of my life-long guiding principles. They might not be exciting because many of them are tried and true but here they are:

  • do unto others because what goes around comes around and because you can’t ask to be treated better than you treat others
  • leave things as you find them, or better
  • always do the best you can with what you have
  • share
  • do no harm
  • express gratitude for the blessings that come your way
  • graciously accept help when it is offered
  • speak the truth as you know it
  • be open to learning
  • respect yourself and others
  • there is no such thing as coincidence so be curious about it when it seems to appear
  • you never know what good things are around the corner
  • we never encounter anything in life without being given the resources to deal with it as well
  • we have everything we need to know within our grasp – we just forget that we do
  • we are all connected to one another so we are truly our brother’s/sister’s keeper
  • we are much more than will fit into our tiny earth bodies
  • at the end of our time here, we can’t take things with us
  • we are never alone
  • helping others is a great privilege
  • we are what we believe
  • the world is full of opportunities
  • energy cannot be destroyed
  • linear time is an illusion
  • love heals
  • we attract more of what we put out – often multiplied
  • everything is perfect, given the right perspective

I don’t mean any of these to be schmaltzy. To me they’re very practical. I see everything on this list as its energy equivalent (physics &/or Universal laws). You might think of more to add to the list but this is good for starters. Well, I feel better already.

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