Listen for the whoosh

Can you feel the world speeding up? Einstein tells us that speed and time are connected and that speed is relative. I believe this to be true. He was specifically referring to where you are and how fast or slowly you might be moving relative to the speed of what you are measuring.

But I agree with Neale Donald Walsh that time is directly related to how fast you are moving and that events just ‘are’. How we see things, or our perception, is what makes the difference in our experience of what we look at. Imagine a huge landscape on the wall in a museum. If you stroll past it, the landscape, like what you would see out of a train window, seems to be ‘moving’ slowly. Actually, it is you who are moving past it slowly. And if it were three-dimensional, or even four dimensional (now there’s a mind-bender!), you would be moving through it slowly.

I think that these days we are moving through our perceived world at a greater speed than we were even as recently as this ‘time’ last year. If I had to take a guess, I would say that it’s because we are ‘quickening’. By that I mean that we are learning more about our souls and who we are, resulting in our energy field, or our aura, vibrating at a higher frequency. It is my understanding that pure love has the highest vibration of all energy. It stands to reason that the more we understand and love ourselves, and others, the faster we vibrate.

To take yet another slant on things, physicists talk about ‘field theory’. To be extremely simplistic about it, field theory says that any one thing that changes in a field of energy affects the whole of that field. Nothing in it can remain unchanged as long as one thing changes. It’s a bit like ripples going out in a pond. Because people are energy too, imagine how this affects a family.

For example, imagine I have a eureka and realise that I have been codependent for years, that it’s making my life miserable. Further imagine that I resolve to change my behaviour and stop being codependent. Even if no one else in my family agrees with me, even if they in fact think I’m out of my mind, they will still be affected because my change in behaviour will affect theirs. They will still have to react to me, even if it’s to take me off their Christmas list.

So, take another jump here and imagine that there are loads of people around the world who are working on their self-awareness – have been, some of them, for the last 30 years. They’ve been reading books, going to seminars, getting coaching or therapy or healings, talking to one another, and they are beginning to see things differently than they ever have before. Perhaps this means that they are treating the environment with more care, or they are voting against war, or they meditate every morning, or they believe that the way they treat people determines in large measure how others treat them, and these are the ripples they have been sending out into the world.

Up until now, they may have been feeling that they are failing to make a difference with their lone little voices, or actions, in the great wilderness of the planet’s messes. they may have thought, ‘what difference does it make that I am more aware when no one else seems to take me seriously and corporatins are still setting the agendas?’ But I think that this year, 2007, is the year of critical mass. I believe that there are finally enough of us doing these seemingly little things that we are finally making a difference. There comes a moment when we reach the tipping point and the balance shifts. When it does … whoosh! It will feel like everything is going at a millions miles an hour. That will be because there is so much happening, there is so much to pay attention to, that it will feel like time is speeding up.

It’s somewhat like being on a ship. It could be going very quickly but without any point of reference, without anything to look at except ocean and more ocean, it may look like you’re sitting still. But you wouldn’t be. If you were on a train and the city were speeding by, you might even be going more slowly than the ship, but it would appear as if everything were moving faster.

Granted, my physics is a little rusty here and very simplistic to boot. I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying about time and being confident that we are making a difference after all, because I don’t think it’s erroneous even if my specific ability to explain Einstein is a bit off. I’m just blogging here and I may not have read up on my Einstein sufficiently. Maybe my scientist friends can clarify for me!

What I’m really trying to say is, don’t give up. Change is coming and you might even be able to feel it already. Sometimes we don’t know that a bird is singing an exquisite song until someone tells us to listen carefully. I’m suggesting that you listen for the sound of the tipping point – for the whoosh.

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1 Response to Listen for the whoosh

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you may be right, many of us have felt similarly for years and, irregardless of the madness shown by the “world leaders”, enough people are waking up to see the truth. Controlled mainstream media or not, the truth is emerging.
    Keep it up.

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